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Gypsy Vanner Cob Stallions
Gypsy Vanners stallions

Brightwater Onyx

Brightwater Onyx

Solid Black
October 27 2015
EMH 14.3

Sire: Mr. Beau Jangles
Dam: Harkaway Daisy
DNA Parentage verified

Once again another top quality foal born on my birthday and he is every bit as nice as his dam and sire, Mr. Beau Jangles and Harkaway Daisy. We have decided to retain Onyx as we would love to have a solid black horse to breed more solids into our herd as not everyone likes black and white. Also over our silver dapple mares and buckskins we hope to breed some solid silvers and buckskins for customers to enjoy as much as I love these 2 colours. Who says you can not breed for colour, I say yes, as long as the horses are quality, it is just the icing on the cake. To add to his appeal he has one blue eye like his dam Daisy and has the most incredulous hairy body and ear fluff, almost as bad as Brightwater Babs, who was dubbed the Yak. He has lovely feather growing back after the hard wet winter in 2016 and is running with a couple of mares now as a rising 2 year to insure that he will be a calm, quiet and well-mannered stallion like his sire Me Beau Jangles is. And that he is and the builder across the road was amazed that this wild horse just walked up to him and stood there looking for scratches. I think he was expecting a crazy horse and was quite excited when he told me about it.

As he sheds out his very hairy coat he will go black as the sun has bleached it to a rich brown. With his 4 white socks and fabulous confirmation, sweet head, great bone, short coupled, well rounded quarters for pulling, he is everything that a gypsy vanner should be.

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