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Gypsy Vanners cob horses

FOALS.......2013 - 2014 season

Little "Renee" above - solid silver dapple gypsy vanner cross filly

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Mr. Beau Jangles + Daisy

Sadly Harkaway Daisy lost her foal last season 2 months before he due and so we wait with great anticipation for her foal this year. We believe she is in foal as that tummy of hers is filling out, but not exactly sure when as never saw her in season. She is a quiet one. It is possible it will be later in the season as her body may have taken some time realigning with the southern hemisphere. Whatever she gives us we know it will be a showstopper combination!

Colour Combinations
75% black and white tobiano
25% solid black

Mr. Beau Jangles + Duchess

Last season our lovely palomino Grand Duchess produced a smart looking, smokey black, minimal tobiano colt called Brightwater Tanner. She was served right again after that and did not come back into season until 3-4 months later, 6 weeks after our long 2 day move up north. Sadly we believe she reabsorbed her foal, but also believe that Beau was successful once again. So another one that is a wait and see and if so we hope she produces as nice as last time. We expect her to have a late season foal and will update later when we are positive that her tummy is growing.

Colour Combinations

Solid black
Black and white tobiano
Smokey black
Smokey black tobiano

Mr. Beau Jangles + Quince

Harkaway Quince gave us an amazing colt, Brightwater Ajax last season for her first foal. She is in foal again to Mr. Beau Jangles for a stunning repeat, but hoping for a filly this time around. If so we know it is already taken as the quality out of this pairing is world class. Like her dam Harkaway Tansy, Quince has proven herself to be an awesome producer and she is homozygous as well, so will always give us a coloured foal. It will be a match to watch out for. Due early December 2013 /January 2014

Colour combinations

Black and white tobiano

Mr. Beau Jangles + Appleby

WOW did this combination give us the most exquisite filly last season with hair to spare. I have not seen one so hairy and we should have named Babette, Spaghetti Yeti. This is Appleby second filly in a row so hoping for a third. Both Beau and Appleby are my two smallest gypsy vanners, so the foal should be between 13-14 hands. Appleby is as big as a plum now so she will be due in November 2013 and watch out for this one. Going to be another top dog good one.

Colour Combinations

Black and white tobiano
Solid Black

Mr Beau Jangles + Ria Mona Lisa

Rather excited about this pairing again as the last time they produced an amazing colt with feather to die for. Ria Mona Lisa is a fabulous momma and producer and always gives us gorgeous foals. Ria is tall, 14.3, always gives us bigger babies and she is due sometime in October 2013 as her tummy is already bulging.

Colour Combinations

Black and white tobiano
Solid black

More babies to coming this season:

Chantilly Lace, a black silver dapple filly - purebred gypsy vanner

Aylish, a homozygous black and white pearl carrying filly - purebred gypsy vanner

My Lady a 15.1 black and white filly - purebred gypsy vanner

Poppy, a homozygous silver dapple pony mare - smaller kids pony cross gypsy vanner

Abbey, a chestnut 3-4 Arab mare - amazing confomationally correct athletic gypsy vanner cross

Sasha, a chestnut SB mare - good all round riding gypsy vanners cross

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