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Gypsy Vanners cob horses

Pricing Structure

Here at Brightwater Gypsy Vanners we strive to keep our pricing at a sensible level for the qualtiy we produce. For over 23 years I have run a successful business designing, manufacturing and marketing clothing and equipment for all pursuits of kayaking. My business ethics were to produce top quality gear and sell it at a fair and reasonable price. The same principle applies here at Brightwater Gypsy Vanners. I would rather see more people experiencing the delight of owning a gypsy vanner by bringing the prices to a more reasonable level. They still will be expensive for many people, helping to maintain their value, but not well out of reach.

Some one once said to me that if you price your horses well below the going price then people will perceive them as inferior. However, pricing my horses beyond too many people’s reach is the real tragedy in itself. Here at Brightwater Gypsy Vanners we endeavou to breed top quality gypsy vanners and our aim is to maintain and improve on that standard. Obviously a top quality gypsy vanner will be higher priced than a just good one and qualities such as colour, breeding, sex and conformation all come into the equation of how we arrive at a price. In the end the horses will always speak for themselves, so come and have a look and let the horses do the talking! We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Freight or transport from our farm is not included in price of the horse. Brightwater Gypsy Vanners is happy to arrange transport for your horse either in New Zealand or Australia. For customer importing into Australia you have a choice of either a 2-3 day boat trip (approx. $NZ3300) or flying from Christchurch to Sydney (approx. $NZ4800) We do not charge you any extra fee for arranging this service. Please let us know at the time of your purchase if you would prefer to leave the freight logistics to us.

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GST & Currency

All prices listed on this website are in New Zealand dollars and are GST inclusive unless stated.

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We endeavour to do everything possible to insure that your gypsy vanner is well looked after while still waiting to be weaned and sent to your home. However accidents can happen and we strongly suggest that you take an insurance policy out on your gypsy vanner that you have just purchased from us. This protects you from illness, accident and death from loss of your initial non-refundable deposit in case something unforeseen should happen.

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